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UKFirstdown Writer Bios

Gary Jordan has been a fan of the NFL and in particular the Dallas Cowboys since the very first American Football boom in this county in the early 1980's. Before the days of wall-to-wall coverage via the internet and TV, Gary was found every Sunday night straining an ear to the Armed Forces Radio network on a weak Medium Wave signal. His favourite player of all time is Troy Aikman, because he just played the game and let his play do the talking for him. He lives in Surrey and you can follow him on twitter @gazjor1

Michael White was in his words "a clueless youngster" when he was introduced to the game back at the turn of the century. His cousin, a diehard Jets fan has had to suffer ever since a fateful day in the early part of the 2002 season when the Patriots smashed the New Yorkers 44-7, and that was that. Mike was then a New England fan, maybe to spite his cousin more than anything else. Of course the Patriots have had the upper hand in that rivalry for quite a while now. Mike's favourite all time player is the legendary Jerry Rice, but does have a soft spot for the all round talents of Deion Sanders. Mike lives in the Torquay/Exeter area and can be contacted on twitter @mp_white11

Kris Head was hooked on tha game at the ripe old age of 13 after watching a recording of Super Bowl 35 between the Ravens and Giants. It was however the 1994 Rick Moranis film Little Giants that first introduced the game to Kris. Ever since, just like the rest of us, he has been living in the American time zones to get his sports fix. He has been fortunate enough to see games in the States as well as some Wembley games. Kris follows the Indianapolis Colts, mainly because of the pairing of Payton Manning and Tony Dungy, but now he's firmly in Andrew Lucks corner. He lists several players as his all time favourites, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Marvin Harrison and Jerome Bettis are amongst them. Kris can be found on twitter @KrissiTrash87

Jo Kilby is Birminham Lions' captain and Quarterback. The Lions are two time British Champions and are the only team in the UK to have played 9-a-side tacle football in Europe. Jo is also a Team GB QB, and will be taking part in the inaugral IFAF European Championships later this year. A Redskins fan Jo is also a bit partial to the Detroit Lions and cites Matthew Stafford and Walter Payton (the latter whom she was lucky to have met prior to his sad passing) as her favourite players present and past. Jo resides in Leicestershire and can be found on twitter @jokilby

Matt King was a 12 year old recovering from a severe bout of food poisoning when he stumbled across the game. Now he's hooked on our Gridiron Gladiators. His favourite team is the New England Patriots, and notes his favourite all time player as their arch nemesis Peyton Manning. He does have a soft spot for the Philadelphia Eagles due to other members of his family, and believes that Chip Kelly will guide his team to a Super Bowl win in the next 2/3 years. Matt can be contacted on twitter @NotFakeMatthew

Brandon Houser is our resident Fantasy Football guru, he has playing the fantasy game for over a decade and has decent across the board knowledge. He follows the Dallas Cowboys as they are his hometown team, although now he currently resides in San Antonio (despite being a Knicks fan he enjoyed the Spurs recent NBA Finals win over Miami). He lists his favourite all time player as Cowboys' Bill Bates, he was a standout player for the team known for his ferocious tackling and special teams play. Brandon admired his application to the game. This could also be said for his favourite non-Cowboy athlete Bo Jackson. The dual sport star would have played many more years if his injuries would have been in todays world of medical technology. Brandon can be reached on twitter @ETSportsForum

Gareth Brown strated following the game back in the early 1990's when Channel Four had its weekly highlights show. His alliegamce to his team, the Minnesota Vikings, came after watching them lose narrowly to the Washington Redskins, opting to go for the plucky loser he has been fortunate enough to see some great players play in Purple. Cris Carter is his standout player to put on a Vikings uniform with AP a close second, but as far as all time favourite he opts for Jerry Rice. Garteh lives in Andover which is only around an hour away from Wembley making the International Series game easy to attend, which is exactly what he managed last year when the Vikings beat the Steelers. You can follow him on twitter @gazbrown79

Laura Moore played Rugby in both codes to a decent level which saw her represent to both county and egional levels, then she saw an open invitation the Team GB trials in 2013, and immediately fell for the sport. She is now a constant in the Birmingham Lions team. Having only been in the sport a couple of years its hard for her to pick out an all time favourite player but lists Matt Forte of the Chicago Bears as a favourite, and also Calvin Johnson (because he plays for her teams namesake. Laura lives in Nottingham and can be found on twitter @LJBM83

Alex Underwood was lured into the game purely on intrigue, coupled with watching the Thames Valley Chargers in their heyday. He follows the Washington Redskins, and lists his favourite player as Chris "Hangman" Hanburger of the 70's 'Skins. He'll be covering everything from the NFL and history, to Europe and politics. Originally from Reading, he now resides in Oxford or anywhere the world takes him. You can find Alex on twitter @alex_is_here_uk

Mark Pearl is a huge basketball fan and has always been interested in American sports. He watched a lot of NFL when visiting family in New York back in 1997, and then began watching it on Sunday nights when growing up. He follows the New York Giants, the first game he watched in the States was in New York and the Giants were playing, the atmosphere almost forced him to follow them.  His favourite player is Tiki Barber who was a bit part player for the Giants in the formative years of him following them, but then went on to have a very solid career. Mark is from Essex and be contacted on twitter @UKFantasyNFL


Mark Brown’s interest in the game started around 1984/5 when he and his father used to sit in front of the TV early Sunday evenings watching the week before highlights. Getting to the know the game better through a part-works publication (which he still owns) he confesses not to be an expert but knowledgeable.. He follows the Denver Broncos and has John Elway down as his favourite all-time player. Mark lives in Preston, Lancashire.

Jonathan Cumbleton first got into the game aged 12 when he started playing touch football for the Northants Storm and soon fell in love with the game. His favourite team is the Philadelphia Eagles, but he also has a soft spot for the Buffalo Bills as they were the first team he ever watched live. His notes that his favourite all time players are Randall Cunningham and Brian Dawkins. Jonathan can be contacted on twitter @Cumbleton

Nikki Charlesworth grew up as a disgruntled Leeds United fan and finally found the NFL in 2009, when she married a 49er. Since then she did all she could to learn all about the game. Her love for all things New York Jets arose when she approached both them and the NY Giants about tickets to a preseason game. The Jets replied and got themselves a new fan. She lists her favourite all time players as LaDalian Tomlinson and Terrell Davis, but her current favourite is Arian Foster and Jets duo Muhammed Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson (a self proclaimed fan of running backs). You can follow her on twitter @NYCh1983

Robert Newell stumbled across some highlights back in the mid 80’s on Channel 4, he then started to focus more on the game and caught the Broncos v Redskins Super Bowl, and even though they lost that game Rob took Denver on as his team, but has a soft spot for the Bills as they were the first team he saw. John Elway and Jim Kelly are his favourite all time players, but currently likes the play of JJ Watt. Robert resides in Exeter and you can follow him on twitter @robnewell7

Dean Wright’s first introduction into the game was through the Sega MegaDrive version of Madden, and fell in love with the game from there. He has followed the New England Patriots since 2000, and notes Tom Brady as his all time favourite player, not only because of his four Super Bowl titles but they are a similar age and has been able to follow his career closely. His biggest wish is to visit Gillette Stadium for a game there. Dean Lives in Forest Hill, London.

Liz Fox was introduced to the NFL by her boyfriend in 2013, coming from a Rugby League background it was easy to make the switch. Having attended the Lions and Falcons game at Wembley she is now completely converted. We won’t judge her on the choice of her team, Seattle Seahawks,  being down to “a liking of their kit”, and instead because it was the first team she watched on TV. Her favourite player is Russell Wilson due to his driven but humble attitude. She comes from Warrington and can be followed on twitter @NFLGirlUK

Gordon Dedman has organised Steeler Nation UK since the mid-eighties including putting on fan events in London for the 2013 visit of the Steelers.  Writes about the Steelers for two other web sites, including his own that focuses on their history as he enjoys researching football. He visits Pittsburgh annually for games and seen the Steelers in three Super Bowls. His involvement with football began in the eighties as a BAFRA official and he can now be found photographing football on the south coast.  Gordon can be found on twitter @SteelUK

Hamza Azam has been a fan of the NFL since he was fifteen. The first game he saw was Super Bowl XLII (yes the one with that catch), and decided to support the Giants as he liked their kit. He hasn’t regretted it since. He thinks they will finish the season 7-9. Tell him that you agree with him by tweeting him @kidd_intellect.